Scalp Micropigmentation
For Male Hair Loss

Goodbye Hair Loss –  Hello Confidence

With so many treatments available on today’s hair loss market it can become confusing when finding the right solution for you. The issue with many of the treatments available is that they take a lifetime of care to obtain minimal results if any. Many guys have tried various hair loss treatments before turning to Scalp Micropigmentation due to the guaranteed results which this treatment offers. Some have had  hair transplants and have not received the desired results, some have used hair replacement systems which can be an effort to look after, others have tried using micro fibers which leaves them dodging the rain.

Scalp Micropigmentation has proven itself again and again as the only hair loss solution to give guaranteed, permanent results for hair loss.

SMP can treat all types of male hair loss at any stage:

Male Pattern Baldness: SMP can treat all types of male pattern baldness at any stage, from thinning of the crown and receding hairlines to to complete baldness. The treatment is completely safe, undetectable and blends into your existing hair to create a seamless result. We create natural hairlines to suit your look and requirements including slightly receded hairlines, scattered and natural hairlines and the sharp edge up look. Our practitioners are highly skilled in hairline design and will always listen to your thoughts and offer their professional opinion to give you a realistic, natural end result.

Thinning Hair: Its not always a necessity to shave your hair to receive our SMP treatment. If you are suffering from thinning hair and would prefer to keep your hair at a longer length, we can use our Scalp Micropigmentation treatment and techniques to create the look of density to your existing hair. This is done by depositing pigments underneath your hair to create a fuller, thicker look. You are not even required to shave your hair to have the treatment!

Scalp Micropigmentation offers flawless results to males of any age and skin type. Regaining your hairline takes years off of your look!

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