Combining Scalp Micropigmentation
and Hair Transplants

Combining SMP & Hair Transplants For a Thicker, Fuller Look

Scalp Micropigmentation – Hair Transplant combinations have become a popular option to gain the best results from hair transplants and are now being suggested by surgeons. If you have previously undergone a hair transplant procedure or are considering having one, Scalp Micropigmentation will assist greatly in achieving a thicker, denser result. At Scalp Culture, we treat many clients who have had hair transplant surgery and have not received their desired result due to the continuation of thinning hair. In situations such as this we use our SMP techniques to create the look of thicker hair by depositing our pigments underneath the transplanted hair. The SMP treatment would not affect your transplanted hair in any way, in fact some say that micro needling of the scalp can promote hair growth. Before receiving our treatment, your hair transplant must be fully healed and free from any swelling. We recommend a period of 9-12 months after a hair transplant to receive our SMP treatment.

We can also treat thinning hair with our Scalp Micropigmentation treatment in the same way as we treat clients who have undergone hair transplants. Scalp Micropigmentation can also be performed before undergoing a hair transplant procedure. The SMP treatment would not affect your transplant process although we do recommend having your treatment with us at least 6 weeks before you have hair transplant surgery.

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