Scalp Micropigmentation

Give Your SMP a Fresh Look

Scalp Micropigmentation is a permanent solution to hair loss and will last a lifetime with short maintenance touch ups along the way. How often you require touch ups depends on various factors such as your immune system, sunshine exposure and how you look after your treatment. Some clients may require touch ups around every 4 to 6 years where as others may require touch ups every 2 to 3 years. Some clients may never need a touch up. It really does differ from person to person.

The SMP treatment will never fade away but you may find that after a few years it just needs a light touch-up to refresh your look. Whether you had your Scalp Micropigmentation treatment with us or at another clinic, we are always happy to help with touch ups and adjustments.

Touch-ups: Usually last around 1-2 hours. We can match your current shade or darken your treatment if required.

Adjustments: As time goes by, we change, we grow, and you may wish to alter your SMP treatment to fit your current appearance. For example, a guy in his 20’s may have chosen a sharper hairline, but now in his 30’s feels that a natural scattered hairline is more suitable. If you wish to adjust your hairline to fit your current look or add to the density of your current treatment, we are always on hand to help you achieve your preferred look whether you had your initial treatment with us or at another clinic.

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