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Scalp Micropigmetation(SMP) is fast becoming the go to solution for all types of hair loss due to the guaranteed results which it offers. With over 40% of men suffering from hair loss by the age of 35 and 65% by the age of 60, the SMP industry is growing substantially each year. With this has come a demand for high quality Scalp Micropigmentation training from individuals and businesses wanting to enter this exciting and truly rewarding industry.

Train To The Scalp Culture Standard

Scalp Culture offer a thorough, intensive, hands on Scalp Micropigmentation training course tailored to the trainees experience, from no experience at all, to aesthetic practitioners looking to further their skills. Our SMP training course is the most detailed available and insures that our trainees enter the industry with full confidence to produce world class results.

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with the experts

Scalp Culture training courses are taught by our Master Practitioners, who are some of the highest skilled experts in the world. Scalp Culture are one of the longest serving SMP specialists, entering the industry long before many even knew it existed. We have had the pleasure to train over 200 people from all types of backgrounds.

No Experience Necessary

Our SMP training course is tailored to any previous experience you may or may not have. Our trainers have absolute patience in teaching trainees from complete beginners with no previous experience whatsoever to aesthetic practitioners and tattoo artists giving them the full set of skills required to produce exceptional results. We teach SMP the correct way with a hands on practical training approach ensuring that all of our trainees complete the course with full confidence to enter the industry. Whats more, we offer all of our trainees full ongoing support for life in our training group once qualified to ensure their success in the industry.

Scalp Culture also offers advanced training to SMP practitioners which may not have received the correct training elsewhere, we are seen as the go to SMP provider for key advice. Many would agree that anything we don’t know about SMP, simply isn’t worth knowing.

One Of The Longest Serving SMP Specialists In The World

Being featured on TV as well as in the Press discussing the SMP treatment process and the positive impact it has on peoples lives, our founder Justin has been a key figure in introducing Scalp Micropigmentation to the world. He has trained people from the far corners of the globe including USA & Canada, UK, Europe & London’s world famous Harley Street, to Thailand, China & Asia.

Years Of Experience

We feel it’s important that to teach SMP, trainers must have extensive knowledge and experience behind them. With many SMP companies offering training after being in the industry for only a short period themselves, they simply haven’t gained the correct amount of experience to pass onto their trainees. With Scalp Culture, we have years of experience and extensive knowledge in Scalp Micropigmentation on our side and have used our skills to treat clients with all types of hair loss issues, including male pattern baldness, severe alopecia, female hair loss, head scarring and post hair transplant clients offering them world class results each and every time. Scalp Culture are proud to boast a 100% feedback rating and are confident to state that negative reviews about us will not be found anywhere on the internet as our standards are those of the highest possible.

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Why Train
With Us?

The Importance of receiving the gold standard in Scalp Micropigmentation training from a certified SMP expert is paramount to your success in this industry. With some opting to train with poor and low cost training providers who don’t have the necessary experience and skills themselves to train in SMP, trainees are quick to realise that they were set to fail.

This in turn means that the trainees find themselves having to retrain with a reputable training provider such as Scalp Culture. Only with the correct training can you ensure to offer your clients world class results and when dealing with a sensitive issue such as hair loss, your clients deserve the very best. Investing in the correct SMP training is a worthwhile investment.

The Gold Standard In SMP Training

We are extremely passionate about SMP Training and ensure that on completion of your training course with us, you have the full knowledge, skill set and confidence to work in this exciting and rewarding industry. During our intense, hands-on training course you will learn the art of Scalp Micropigmentation enabling you to provide flawless results to your clients.

There is much more to SMP than first meets the eye such as perfecting the correct technique, creating natural hairlines and building density in the correct manner to create natural, undetectable end results. Anybody can put dots on a head, but only those that have received the correct training can truly perform Scalp Micropigmentation to its highest form.

Training Days are sectioned into clearly defined modules and your progress is assessed throughout each day.

As well as working on live models, you will be required to complete written sections of the training course along with Q&A sessions to determine your understanding of the SMP process. Upon Completion of your training course you will be eligible to obtain insurance with either our recommended insurance provider or your own. You will also be eligible for government licensing which allows your to perform SMP legally.

All of our trainees are required to work on live models which are supplied by ourselves.

True Level 4 Accreditation

Scalp Culture are one of the only, if not the only SMP training provider to offer a true level 4 accreditation in SMP officially recognised by government licensing bodies and insurance companies around the world. Level 4 SMP accreditation can become quite confusing for trainees as some training providers state that they offer a level 4 accreditation, but upon checking with the accrediting bodies themselves, it quickly transpires that the course is in fact, not level 4 accredited. At Scalp Culture, we are a transparent company and we are happy to advise our trainees on our level 4 accreditation which can then be verified by local councils and government licensing bodies.

All Scalp Culture trainees receive ongoing support for life at no extra cost in our Scalp Culture training group.

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SMP Equipment
for world class results

When it comes to SMP equipment, we certainly know our stuff, in fact we created our own pigments and needles which are used by many SMP clinics globally.

Our SMP Pigments

Our pigments have been used in thousands of treatments over the years and have proven to offer consistent results each and every time. Using the correct pigment for Scalp Micropigmentation is vital for producing high standard results. Our pigments have been through rigorous testing and are specifically designed for Scalp Micropigmentation. They are of the highest quality, organic and against animal testing and are truly the best available.

We do not use tattoo inks or semi-permanent make-up pigments as these can often change colour once broken down in the skin. Our pigment is designed to stay the course of any SMP treatment and never change in colour and therefore can be relied upon to give outstanding results.

Our training course covers a section on pigments.

Our SMP Needles

Our needles are the finest in the industry and designed to match the size of a hair follicle perfectly. In fact you will not be able to see the difference between actual hair follicles and the SMP treatment when using our needles. Many SMP providers use needles which just don’t meet the Scalp Culture standard and so we designed our own.

Our training course covers a section on Needles.

Training with Scalp Culture gives our trainees the advantage of having access to the very best SMP equipment in the industry. These advantages are explained during your training course.

All of our training options include a starter set of pigments and needles.

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Training courses are held at our Northampton, London and Bangkok locations.

We have various options for training tailored to suit your requirements which can be discussed in more detail. The options include:

Experienced Training

3 Day Intensive hands on training course. Includes working on live models. This option is suitable for trainees with 6+ months previous experience in Tattooing or Permanent Make-up.

Includes: SMP Pigment Set, Needles & Ink Cups

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Beginners Training

4 Day Intensive hands on training course. Includes working on live models. This option is suitable for complete beginners with no previous experience. Learn SMP from start to finish

Includes: SMP Machine, Pigment Set, Needles & Ink Cups

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National Training

Our trainer will teach within your own clinic Nationwide. This option is ideal for a minimum of 4 trainees to attend. Talk to us about group training at your location.

Exact Cost Will Be Determined Depending On Your Requirements

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International Training

Our trainer will travel to your country and train within your own clinic, salon or studio. This option is ideal for a minimum of 4 trainees. Talk to us about holding group training at your location.

Exact Cost Will Be Determined Depending On Your Requirements

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Enhanced Training

Available to certified SMP practitioners only, who wish to enhance their skills. Training is tailored to zone in on areas which the trainee may wish to improve in.

Exact Cost Will Be Determined Depending On Your Requirements

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Areas covered in our training course include:

Clinic Setup

Hygiene & Clean Down

Pigment Mixing

Consultation Process

Planning Treatment Sessions

Technique & Depth

Hairline Creation

Live Model Treatments

SMP Aftercare

Portfolio Creation

On completion of our training course you will receive your certificate, and be eligible to apply for insurance, and local authority registration.

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