Scalp Micro Pigmentation has fast become a popular solution to hair loss due to its low, one-off costs which gives guaranteed results. When looking at the costs of a hair loss solution its important to put all of the facts into the equation.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Cost Vs Various Hair Loss Treatments

For comparison, take for example the cost of a hair transplant. We see adverts for hair transplants costing around the same as a Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment offering a set amount of grafts which can be enticing, but what about when you require double that amount of grafts? When the transplanted hair doesn’t take hold and begins to shed leaving you with thinning hair all over again, you then require repeat hair transplants with the costs spiraling much higher than first expected. If Wayne Rooney, after spending £30’000 on hair transplants is still thinning, what chance do we have?

Other hair loss solutions such as Laser caps, Tablets, Hair thickening solutions and Hair Fibers offer minimal results if any. Laser caps will have you looking for minimal hair growth if any 6 months down the line, tablet medication may slow hair loss slightly over time but will still leave you with thinning hair which certainly doesn’t grow and are the side effects really worth the risk? Hair Fibers can be convincing if applied correctly, but is dodging the rain or missing out on swimming whilst on holiday really a hair loss solution? All of these treatments have an ongoing cost which may seem cheaper at first but add these costs up over the years for the rest of your life and you will see that they are far from affordable hair loss solutions. In fact post hair transplant clients make up over 30% of our client base at Scalp Culture!

This is why now, more hair loss sufferers than ever are turning to Scalp Micro Pigmentation. The results are guaranteed, with a one-off affordable cost, and once your treatment is complete you are free to swim, work out in the gym and live a perfectly normal life without the worry of hair loss whatsoever.

The affordable solution to hair loss

Scalp Micropigmentation Results

Cost Guide & Booking

Your Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment is a personalised service to suit your exact requirements. As no two clients are the same, we determine the exact cost of your treatment during your Free No-obligation Consultation with us.

To give you some indication on our treatment costs, our prices range from £250 to £1800 with the lower end of this price bracket being for smaller areas such as patches of hair loss or minor hairline adjustments and the higher end being for full treatments such as extensive male pattern baldness. Those suffering with thinning hair to the hairline and crown areas could expect to be somewhere in the middle of this price bracket. Treatments to the entire scalp (for example in cases of aggressive alopecia) may be slightly more.

We offer various types of consultations to suit all clients:

Face to Face Consultations – At our clinic locations where you will meet your practitioner to discuss your requirements.

Online Consultations – Either by sending your pictures by email / whatsapp, or video call. This option works well for clients who have limited time or live a far distance from our clinic locations.

Consultations can be booked either by email or telephone call. Prior to booking a face to face consultation, we do require clear pictures of your scalp to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for SMP.

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