Although there are other options for hair loss available, they cannot guarantee results like SMP can.

For example, not everyone is a good candidate for a hair transplant. Hair transplants leave large scars and in most cases the results do not meet the client’s expectations. We see many clients who have had hair transplant surgery only to find that the hair begins to fall out again in the near future. This leaves the client still suffering from hair loss, along with exposed scarring. If repeat hair transplants are then required, it can become an expensive process with costs spiralling to higher amounts than first expected.

There are also various medications available on the hair loss market. These options can take months if not years to see minimal results if any. The costs of these treatments are also an ongoing costs with most treatments requiring daily doses for a lifetime.

SMP is a fraction of the cost of a hair transplant, and the results are instant, permanent and undetectable. Scalp Micropigmentation can be used to treat any type of hair loss in men and women of all ages.

If you are suffering from hair loss, you may be shaving or considering shaving your existing hair to a short level so that your hair loss is not as noticeable. Usually no matter how short you shave it, the areas with existing hair growth can still stand out against the areas with no hair growth. This is where our SMP treatment works greatly. We seamlessly match the treatment to your existing hair to create the look of a full, shaved head of hair, resulting in a complete and smart new look of which restores your hairline giving your face its border again and takes years off of you!

We can also use Scalp Micropigmentation to add density to thinning hair. For clients who hold a majority of their hair but are suffering from thinning, we can deposit our Scalp Micropigmentation treatment underneath the longer hair to create a thicker, fuller look. This option is widely popular with our female clients and clients who have not received the desired results from hair transplants.