Our Scalp Micropigmentation treatment is designed to match and blend in with your existing hair seamlessly and therefore is not noticeable.

Some of our clients tell us that the odd friend may give them complements such as they look well or that something looks different but they can’t quite put their finger on what has changed.

If you was to look closely at the hair of a shaven head, the hair looks like lots of small dots. We use our micro needles to replicate these dots using our specialised technique. The SMP treatment is blended seamlessly into the existing hair resulting in a completely undetectable result. For clients with longer hair, these micro dots would be built up over your treatment sessions until the required density is reached.

At Scalp Culture, we specialise in natural looking results and always advise against anything other than this. We like to ensure that our clients gain results which look like they have a full, natural head of hair rather than they have had something done to their hair.

SMP is a subtle change which simply completes your look, giving you back your hairline which borders your face again and restores your confidence.