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Scalp Micropigmentation is in huge demand all over the world due to the guaranteed results which it offers. This makes SMP the only real solution to hair loss. The more that men and women hear about the procedure, the more want it done by a reputable provider.

scalp micropigmentation training courses
scalp micropigmentation training course
Scalp Micropigmentation Practitioner


Upon completing your SMP training there are two ways your new business can go, fail or succeed. As an industry leader since 2012 we have proven to do the latter, but this didn’t happen overnight, it’s a direct result of hard work, determination and having the best teams in place with excellent knowledge of the industry. There is more to owning an SMP business than simply training and hoping that clients through walk through the door. It takes strict dedication and years of experience to build a continuous client base, not just in SMP but in any business. As one of the longest serving SMP providers in the industry, we have the knowledge and marketing plans in place to ensure that we succeed. Our website gets thousands of visitors per week globally and as a scalp culture affiliate, these visitors can become your clients. Something to keep in mind is that you are here right now reading our website, as are your potential clients!

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Once you train in SMP, you immediately become a competitor to other SMP businesses including your training provider, that’s just business. We are one of the very few training schools which truly offer our full, unreserved knowledge of SMP during our training courses, our trainees from Canada to China will vouch for us on that. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, our franchisees take the same training course as non-franchisees and so we must ensure that our training is nothing but the best! Unfortunately, many trainees are finding themselves out in the cold once they have completed their training with other training providers. This usually leaves trainees with no confidence to continue in their SMP venture. This is where we differ.

Starting a new business is extremely hard work, you will need a new website built to professional standards which can then gets lost in the busy traffic of the internet, then you will need to pay out huge monthly amounts of money for a marketing which is where most can waste a lot of their business funds, build your portfolio which is next to impossible if clients aren’t booking into your clinic, and if a client does come along, the first thing they will want to see if your portfolio. Building an excellent reputation for your business can take years. These are just a few of the hurdles where new SMP clinics fail early on.

Joining our successful company takes away all these issues. You immediately have access to a portfolio to show your clients, you become part of a worldwide, reputable brand along with a marketing plan which drives customers to your clinic and unlimited support. All of this for a fraction of the cost of just one client per month.

Scalp Micropigmentation Training

Becoming a Scalp Culture affiliate gives you:

  • Training in the Scalp Culture Method.
  • The most in depth training available.
  • Full ongoing business/training support
  • Part of an established and trusted name in the industry
  • Access to portfolio to sell the service to your clients
  • Access to the use of our logo, our name and other branding materials
  • An official Scalp Culture listing on our website
  • Exposure to visitors on our website
  • SMP supplies at a huge reduction
  • No commission splits the profits are all yours to keep.
  • Advanced training days, face to face or online at a heavily reduced cost.

Our thought process leads us to truly believe that If you succeed, we all succeed together and so its in our best interest to keep your clinic running at its optimum performance with clients coming through your doors.

When joining Scalp Culture, you also get the backing of an industry expert company with a wealth of knowledge in SMP to ensure that you can overcome any issues or concerns which may arise, we have the answers to keep you on track! You get access to the world’s best Scalp Pigments which have been proven in thousands of treatments to give clients first class results. You have access to our specialised SMP needles which have been designed and tweaked by us over the years to create the perfect hair follicle impressions. You are kept at the forefront of the SMP industry, as techniques and equipment evolve.

Absolute beginner?

Don’t worry, we have all been there once. Our four-day training course is super intensive, and super detailed, we leave no stone unturned and will ensure that you understand everything SMP related in fine detail upon completing our course.

Already trained?

You can still join us, we just require that you train with us to ensure that we get you up to the Scalp Culture standard. This ensures that clients receive the best results and an all-round great experience. Yes, it’s more training but that can never be a bad thing, also our training courses cost around the same as you will be charging one client per treatment!

Opening your own Scalp Culture Clinic is a simple process and one which we will assist you with.


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